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spirit school

Hosted by  Renee Wilkinson

Friday 30 Aug - Sunday 1 Sept 2024

Inside The Dome - The open Mind Space

To those that feel of this world, but not from it.

My mission in this dimension is to remind you of your innate connection beyond the Human.

To unlock all aspects of yourself and be guided into an expansive life by higher consciousness.


During this weekend I want to guide you to your edge, and give you the tools to feel safe enough to go further. To explore aspects of your intuition, channelling and healing capabilities that you have hesitated to do on your own.

Since a very young age I have seen the world in a 'fuller version', the energy that radiates off things, spirits floating in between the physical, empathically feeling what others were feeling (or hearing what they were thinking!). 

My Intuition has been ON since day one and luckily my parents encouraged the training of my Intuition so I could navigate many worlds and fields at once. 

Your Intuition is a part of you, I believe our society in general dulls this sense down BUT it is crucial in helping you navigate this world. In making navigation SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Here is the permission to use it, to it's fullest extent. To open up the communication to your guides and the beings beyond. 

YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE! Starseed, Alien, Empath, Healer, Intuitive, Channel (or all of the above), it's time to experience the depth of your abilities, to fully unlock your power. 


This weekend is open to curious beginners willing to jump all in and seasoned Intuitive's ready to be pushed further in your practice.

Be seen exactly as you are and connect with like minded beings.

Honestly, my dream for this weekend is for us to manifest the multidimensional space and beings into reality, as a group, how big can we go this weekend? 

Mentorship has been a HUGE part in my Intuitive growth, I am so excited to spend a whole weekend with you diving into all things intuitive, spiritual and multidimensional.

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spirit school 101

*the basics to make sure we are all on the same page and energetically safe*

 How to protect and cleanse your energy.

What are the different realms you can work in.

 How to 'hold space'.


Space for individual connection as you focus on deepening communication with your guides/spirit team. 

Deepening your connection with core self.



Daily mediation practice is the key to it all.

The magic of amplification in group meditation is *chefs kiss*

Guided meditations & channelled meditations as Renee's guided from Sirius will lead this section.

'The Tools'


Self-Awareness is crucial for connection to Spirit. Explore breath, anchor self-enquiry & muscle-testing techniques as physical tools to deepen the trust with the beyond.



 We will deepen your free writing, verbal channelling, energy work & Light Language. 

Opening you to a trusted free flow that can be turned on and off instantaneously.

past life regression


Renee will guide you through a past life regression to witness who you have previously been and how those experiences are impacting your current day life. 

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spirit school will be led by Renée & channelled by her sirius star leadership team.

The Itinerary

Designed to flow with the needs of the group. Exact topics covered may change and other topics may be included. We have structure and space to be unstructured.




  • Arrive from 4pm

  • 5:30pm: Opening

  • 6pm: Welcome Dinner

  • 7:00pm: Spirit School 101

  • 7:30pm: Sound healing & Meditation


  • 7am: Group Meditation 

  • 8am: Breakfast

  • Your intuitive gifts + ‘reading’ energy

  • Spirit Guide Communication

  • Lunch

  • Akashic Records & Mapping

  • Channelling

  • Dinner

  • Evening Meditation


  • 7:15am: Group Meditation

  • 8am: Breakfast

  • Q&A/Channelling

  • Past life regressions

  • Lunch

  • Muscle testing

  • Skills Practicing

  • Closing

  • Finished by 3pm


Join Renée an Intuitive with over 20years experience at Sunquncha Temple, near Gloucester, NSW, 1.5hrs North of Newcastle, 3hrs North of Sydney.


On manicured acreage, fresh country air, we supply everything from glamping tents, to yummy vegetarian meals, and the dome for you to deep dive into the realms beyond.


Just bring yourself, your favourite pillow and an open mind.


All activities are optional, you can tailor the weekend to suit you.


Your Exchange Options

BYO Camping



$599 pp

(Unpowered site for tent or van

2WD Access)

Twin Share

5m Glamping

Bell Tent


$799 pp

Private Room

w/ Queen Bed


$899 pp

Only 2 rooms available. Rooms share a toilet & shower seperate to glamping.


To access deposit pricing:

 ⛺️ BYO Camping use promo code 'BYODEPOSIT' when booking  

💡 Glamping use promo code 'GLAMPDEPOSIT' when booking

👑 Private Queen Bedroom use promo code 'QUEENDEPOSIT' when booking

 Conditions: Deposit is non-refundable, cancellation policy in T&C's is still applicable, if you are unable to pay cash on arrival a 1.5% merchant fee applies to card payments.

Payment plans available upon request by emailing


This experience is limited to 16 people.


Renée is a multi-modality intuitive who has been guiding meditations and channelling energy for over 20yrs and holding space for healing shifts for the past 12+ years.


Learning 3 styles of Kinesiology in 2008-2010 she wanted to ignore her ‘weird’ side and pursued a career behind the scenes in Film & TV.


After working for Home and Away, Doctor Doctor and several independent and short films she felt the calling to return to her purpose. The reason for her landing in this lifetime, to open space and be of service to those ready to remember their expansiveness.


Renée channels energies & interdimensional beings, guides meditation and yoga and uses her skills in Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Thai Yoga Massage and more to assist you forward.


She wants to open the interdimensional portal to show you what is possible.

Together since late 2017 Renée & her husband Murray have held beach meditations for up to 600+ people at one time, held in person and online workshops teaching hundreds of people yoga, manifesting and connecting to intuition, opened and built one of Newcastle’s leading Yoga and Wellness Studios ‘The Open Mind Space’, brought a small human into the world and have built this incredible retreat space on the land you are about to visit. 

The Open Mind Space Retreat


From those who've worked with Renee & Murray:

If you would like to make some change in your life but you don't really know what to do or where to start, this is for you. If you sometimes feel like you feel something more or something weird or just something else than everyone else, you have the courage to open your heart and dive inside your soul, this is for you. You will meet your power.

~ Lucie

Renee and Murray delivered the content in a way that was insightful, engaging and easy to digest. They also facilitated a space where I felt safe to deeply dive inward and also connect with the energies of the rest of the group. I'm excited to continue implementing what I learnt into my daily life and to see where it takes me. I highly recommend to anyone interested!

~ Bianca

It's like waking up to a whole new you, a whole new potential, once you've cracked it open there is no turning back

~ Shelley

This experience shifted me into a higher gear…If you have even a niggle that this might be for you, take the leap and do so with your whole heart, because the space held for you during this process and the sense of community and support that is offered is unparalleled and LASTING. This is not a little workshop. This is a game changer. Weeks on I am still feeling the impact and reaping the rewards from all I learnt, received, and most importantly.... REMEMBERED.

~ Tara

I'm manifesting amazing things in life, and gaining a more sustainable internal peace. I have used many different resources for all different reasons over the years and this course has been one of the best. If one does 'the work' and really throws themselves all in, magic happens. It feels bloody uncomfortable at times, yet exciting and addictive too.

~ Madeleine

This experience is being held at Sunquncha Temple, near Gloucester NSW.

Address will be given upon booking.

Before booking, please click here to read our full booking terms & conditions.

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