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Deep healing retreat

Hosted by Murray Smith & Renee Wilkinson

Referral page

Our deep healing retreats and the community within is sacred and we ask for you to take care of it by following a few steps.

  • Only existing community members can refer someone.                                             

  • We have a very strict referral process, people can’t refer themselves.

  • We will not respond to email, Instagram or Facebook messages using inaccurate language.

  • Please share with your referral not to pass on our contact details until they meet us, this invitation is only for them.

  • Please ask you referral not to share/forward any of our upcoming deep healing retreat emails/booking pages to friends, family or social media. 


When referring someone, take a moment to think...

Is this person ready for change and the work?

Are you able to support them in their integration process if needed?

Do they have the capacity to self-reflect?

If you answer no to any of these questions please do not refer them.

Your referral unfortunately cannot attend if:

  • they are on antidepressants or strong psychiatric medication

  • they have addictions to alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs.

(They would need to be completely clean of all substances for a minimum 4 weeks prior and post retreat and this would need to be safely done with guidance from a medical practitioner only. )

  • they have a diagnosis of Bipolar or schizophrenia

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