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Drum Crafting Weekend

With Mele | 11- 13 October 2024

Thank you for following the guidance of your heart. 


These are very strong times we are in and we are all being grown beyond our comprehension. The best way I have found to integrate transformation is through the power of creativity, music/dance and ritual.


This is an opportunity to deepen your personal and collective healing and enhance your innate gift as a technician of sacred sound and reclaim these essential instruments in the spiritual legacy of Humanity.

The art of drumming is finally making its way into the health and wellness revolution. Over the last decade research involving the neurobiological underpinnings of drumming has seen tremendous growth.


Numerous studies have shown that all types of drumming can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance your immunity. Research involving group drumming added to the list by providing evidence showing it can be used to reduce blood pressure, cortisol and provide relief from chronic pain conditions.



drum crafting weekend nsw

The Medicine Drum is a remarkable spiritual technology that enables us to connect with our True Nature, the Elements, Great Spirit & the Heart of Gaia. It has been used throughout time & across many cultures /traditions to align with the spirit realms & harness the healing power of natural sound vibrations.


The Witches Drum would help attain altered states of consciousness, to contact the dead, communicate with the gods, receive higher guidance, call upon the healing spirit and see into the future.


With the help of a rattle, we can summon the spirits we are in contact with in the animal, plant and mineral realms as well as elemental intelligence, our personal guides, guardians, protectors, the angels and our ancestors.


All these benevolent spirits exist - all we need to do is call upon them and request their guidance, co-operation and support.


Over this weekend we will:

  • Share 3 magical and transformative days held safely in circle

  • Connect with our ancestors, guides, allies and embody our intentions

  • Bathe in the beauty and bounty of natural world

  • Engage in prayerfulness, presence and gratitude

  • Ritually craft a shamanic rattle & medicine drum

  • Learn about their metaphorical significance

  • Discover the power and strength of the circle within us and all around us

  • Share, learn, sing and receive the medicine of sacred songs

  • Be nourished by yummy vegetarian meals

  • Replenish our souls in the infinite power of the creative healing spirit together

I will share with you the sacred symbologic language woven into the Drum & Rattle as well as some significant resources to support you in harnessing the full power of these remarkable tools.


We are so fortunate to have the blessing to gather in this way & I am very excited to share in the creation & birthing of your very own instruments of sacred song, healing & transformation. 


Together we will weave our prayers and intentions into shamanic tools and instruments with the beauty, magic and medicine of kangaroo hide, tree sticks, snake bones, crystal chips, seeds, leather, feathers and each other. Unifying the masculine and feminine principles within us to align with the creative healing spirit and source of all creation.

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How it Works:

You will arrive Friday 11th October 2024 at 10am to set up & settle in - byo lunch/snack.

We will begin our drum crafting promptly from 12pm.


You will leave Sunday 13th October 2024 at 3pm, having birthed your own drum.


All meals (Friday dinner - Sunday lunch), equipment, experiences and accommodation is included in the ticket price.


You have the option to stay in a twin share glamping tent ($1450pp) or to bring your own camping accommodation ($1150pp).


Payment plans are available upon request. There is a $15 surcharge for payment plans to cover additional merchant fees.

(All payments being finalized prior to 1st October).


There are only 14 spaces available


You can pay a $200 deposit and remaining in cash on arrival. To access:

⛺️ BYO Camping use promo code 'CashCamping' when booking

💡 Glamping use promo code 'CashGlamping' when booking

Conditions of special offer: Deposit is non-refundable, cancellation policy in T&C's is still applicable.

This experience is being held at Sunquncha Temple, near Gloucester NSW.

Address will be given upon booking.

Before booking, please click here to read our full booking terms & conditions.

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